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Angosto Community Kitchen

Tucked away in the mountains outside of Jarabacoba, it isn’t easy to find this small village. The only way in is a four wheel drive vehicle – or the Dominican favorite, by motorcycle. Twists and turns up this mountain road take you past homes built precariously onto the side of the mountain. ACES is working with two local residents who have made it their life’s work to address the problems this community faces. Poverty, alcoholism, and sex trafficking have been ongoing issues they seek to remedy.

Barabacoa Project

Note: This project has been successfully completed. In the northern region of the Dominican Republic is a small town called Barabocoa. For years an abandoned building has slowly been overgrown by the forest. The local community has requested our help in restoring this building to be used as a local community center. They have begun removing vegetation, and broken materials from the site in hopes that ACES can help.

Ongoing Needs Fund

ACES has ongoing commitments of monthly donations of items like schools supplies, student sponsorships and community workshops. In addition, we maintain a fund used to meet urgent needs as they arise. This includes meeting medical needs, providing education assistance, and other unplanned needs that arise. This is one of our most important funds because it allows us the flexibility to respond to needs as they arise quickly and effectively.

ACES has many ways to contribute toward our cause…and have fun while doing it!

From monthly sandwich sales, to dinner and dancing, there is something for everyone. 

About Donating to ACES North America

Every dollar you donate supports our projects and meeting urgent needs in the Dominican Republic. We thank you for your selfless contribution toward helping those less fortunate. If you would like to get more involved, we are always looking for volunteers to travel with us, aid in fundraising projects, and provide professional services. Please Contact Us for more information.

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